India1_bw India Dennis, JD, MA, MPH  is an attorney who takes a holistic approach to solving legal issues.

She is dedicated to helping people from diverse walks of life solve their legal and personal problems quickly, efficiently and economically. Besides being trained in the law, she has extensive experience working in the health sector and with small businesses.  Attorney Dennis also a has background  in cultural studies and public health and she uses these skills to offer comprehensive legal services.

Ms. Dennis will walk you through each step of the process, as your advocate, negotiator and adviser. She is dedicated to fostering quality  relationships with her clients. And because she wants to make these services available to everyone who needs them, she offers reasonable rates and is willing to establish flexible payment plans as needed.

Her office is located in the Snow Building (331 W. Main St., Suite 408) in downtown Durham.

Attorney Dennis has a JD from North Carolina Central University School of Law and an MPH and MA  from the University of Iowa.

Please contact her for a consultation. 331 W. Main St., Suite 408, NC 27701 Ph: (919)433-7482 fax: (919) 741-4124



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